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TheFoxMovers is here to offer you international-level storage facilities if you’re seeking personal or business Extra Space Storage in Dubai.


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You may occasionally need to move, renovate, or relocate your home, villa, company, or office, and you’ll need to have space for your things and any necessary domestic storage services. Due to the limited space, you may also look for storage options for your excess automobiles in the garage, furnishings, and electrical appliances.
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Why Choose us

Thefoxmovers is here to offer you international-level storage facilities if you’re seeking personal or business Extra Space Storage in Dubai. We provide outstanding Storage Services in Dubai. Our value-added services have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and can assist increase efficiency when it comes to storage solutions. Our storage specialists also offer the end-user internal logistical innovation, which frees them up to adequately focus on the demands of the storage process.For increased security, we provide lockable, personal storage facilities by using CCTV cameras and fire alarms.

Important Aspects of Our Products Storage

Storage-related Goods Insurance

Thefoxmovers offers goods insurance services on your stored items in order to maintain and guarantee the entire safety and security of the shipment of their client. This will relieve all of your worries because you won’t suffer any financial losses, and even if something were to happen, you could sue the firm for the whole amount of your damages.

Constant CCTV Monitoring

To ensure the complete security of your items, we have 24/7 security systems in place, including security guards and mounted cameras.

Specialists in Storage on Staff

We provide the best Storage Facility in Dubai. In relation to storage issues, we are able to handle them properly and in the best way possible. We have an experienced and skilled group of workers

Save your time and money

If you are looking for Cheap Storage Space in Dubai, We offer inexpensive storage services while taking your budget into consideration. Our specialists are exceptionally swift and efficient workers who are constantly available to assist you. We assist you in saving time by taking care of your storage needs quickly.

Adequate packaging and labeling

Besides offering Language Storage in Dubai, we offer secure packaging services for your furniture, fragile objects, electronic appliances, and other things using high-quality packing supplies including bubble wrap, corrugated sheets, carton boxes, etc. In order to prevent item misplacement, we label every box.

Moving and arranging equipment

We pack, move, load, unload, and store Commercial machinery and equipment with no harm. We organize the client’s products and set them up in the warehouse according to their needs.

Inventory Management Program

We keep an accurate inventory of your products. With the monitoring system that has been provided to you, you can monitor the present condition of your commercial or domestic goods. This guarantees complete safety and movement of your items as well as regular updates on their progress.

Pest control

Our warehouses and storage facilities are bug-free. Rats and termites are therefore less likely to damage your stuff. To prevent pests from destroying your belongings, Thefoxmovers often performs pest control in our warehouse facilities as we believe that it is our first and foremost priority to protect your items from any type of damage.

Reduced hassle

Because the company’s staff of seasoned specialists is in charge of managing the warehousing, it ends out to be less hassle. We conduct a survey to collect an inventory of the products for packing, relocating, and storing from the customer’s location to the warehouse.

Services We Provide

Storage of household goods

Whether you want to relocate to a new house or want to have some renovation at the present dwelling, a storage room is required for storing the objects present in the house. We offer safe and secure furniture storage in Dubai. It helps you pack up your stuff, take it away, and return it to you when needed. It also allows you to calculate storage according to the furniture and items you need to store in your house. We provide lots of space to store household products you want to keep but don’t currently need. Our safe housing options can hold:
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Commercial Storage Services

As demand increases, storage facilities are continually in demand. We handle this crucial service with the highest precision and care. For a variety of reasons, you frequently want commercial storage services for your belongings. We offer our Storage Services in Dubai for office supplies, commercial scale-related goods, other equipment, and business transactions as well. We supply both individuals and corporations with the appropriate storage space as part of the service. It also covers services for personal or self-storage for the duration that the item is to be kept in our warehouse. We are well commended for our big storage facilities for commercial stuff to protect material integrity and avoid damage, scratches, and breakages.

Facility for both short- and long-term storage

We offer a variety of storage options for varying lengths of time. You might choose a short-term Storage Facility in Dubai if you want to keep your items for a few weeks to months. You should choose a long-term storage facility if you need to keep your items in a warehouse for more than a year.

Our Additional Services Besides Storage

We are happy to let you know that in addition to offering product storage services in Dubai, we also offer to move and packing services. If you combine our moving services with the storage of your belongings, we can transfer the items you don’t want to store at our warehouse to the location you want to move them to. Also, you can employ our first-rate, category-based packing services for storage or transfer. Moreover, Thefoxmovers provides a storage option or a whole affordable moving and packing package. Items that need to be moved or stored are delivered by our storage specialists as soon as you need them, safely and responsibly.

Get Storage in Dubai with us

We provide the ideal storage Dubai solution, whether you are moving house, expanding your offices, or archiving some old documents. Finding the ideal location to keep your possessions might occasionally seem like a daunting chore. We make flexible, safe, and cheap space more accessible than ever. Our self-storage facilities have a wide range of unit sizes available. we also offer storage for Furniture, records, books, and musical instruments. You will be the only person with access to your self-storage unit since we take your security extremely seriously.

Process for Commodities Storage

Thefoxmovers moving and packing firms offer their customer’s total logistics solutions. They handle every stage of moving, from the packaging of goods to finally transferring them to the Warehouse Storage in Dubai. In order to relocate and store objects for you, we choose a date for a pre-move survey to list the objects. We offer estimates of packing materials to pack the products to our customers for safe packaging and storage. This assists us in determining the amount of space needed in the warehouse to store these items. Thefoxmovers do a pre-move survey and then provides a complete cost quotation that includes the cost of packing, loading, moving, unloading, and warehousing. If you accept the price quote we have provided, we will come to your home on the day of the move with the packing supplies and moving equipment needed to pack and carry your belongings to the Warehouse Storage in Dubai.