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Stressed about moving your belongings from one location to other? No worries we have got you! Moving all the stuff is a very hectic and painstaking process but with the help of our offered services and professional employees that have been trained for their jobs, you can sit back and relax while our employees do all the work. Movers and Packers in JLT offer a wide range of related services so that you can smoothly relocate within JLT.

Our Services

Basically, we cover all the work related to moving from the doorstep of your home to the doorstep of your new home with a great deal of care in a professional manner.


Disassembling your heavy furniture on your own can be really tiring and time taking but our fully trained professional employees will do the task in no time. Depending upon the item, it will be either partially or fully disassembled to make sure that your belongings are easily packed and are transported safely and soundly.

Packing materials and Supplies

From packaging tapes, boxes to bubble wrap and furniture pads, you name it! We have got every item of such supplies to wrap and properly pack your belongings. You won’t have to make trips to stores to buy all these supplies as we will be providing you a trouble-free quality service.


Forget the procrastination of wrapping your wife’s favorite fragile crockery. Our professional employees wrap and pack all the items from your smallest crockery item to any other large items individually with a great deal of care and in no time. We will not only pack your belongings but also sort it out in different boxes so that if require something unexpectedly, you have easy access to them.

Loading and Unloading

Carrying those thousand boxes or loading your heavy furniture can be tiring for someone unfamiliar with this task. Let our professionals do the unnecessary heavy lifting for you. We will load and unload all your belongings with great deal of care.


The hassle for the truck? At movers and packers in JLT, you don’t need that. We provide vehicles specially designed for the moving and will transport the belongings safely to the destination.

Unpacking and Reassembly

Unpacking at the arrived destination is a brainer for our diligent employees. Our skilled employees will unpack, reassemble and place your belongings wherever you want them to be. Let us do all the time taking work for you with complete responsibility.

Budget Friendly

Making those calculations over and over again to see if it’s compatible with your budget or not? No worries! You can avail of our services at relatively low prices or select a suitable plan that is compatible with you with the help of our professionals. You can select easily from the range of prices of the wide range of offered services.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe Customer is the Boss! We strive to provide our services to exceed the expectations and give our customers such an amazing experience that they are more than happy. Customer satisfaction remains an utmost priority for the Movers and Packers in JLT.

Efficient and Timely Service

Worried that you will have to encounter the delayed service? Well, things don’t work like that at Movers and Traders in JLT. We keep it professional. We strive to provide efficient service to our customers. Time calculations are made keeping in mind the distance, the load, the suitable route, and other factors and then we provide our services within the carefully calculated fastest time limit. Providing timely efficient service is what we commit to!


At Fox Movers and Packers in JLT, we are constantly working on finding new and more efficient ways to deliver our services in the most possible eco-friendly way. Our team takes the responsibility of properly disposing of the plastics and other items used in packing and moving the customer’s belongings. From the maintenance of vehicles to be least polluting to proper disposal, we try our best to be ecofriendly. So no worries as you will be availing of our eco-friendly services!

Contact us today for reliable and efficient moving and packing service. Upon hearing your word, we will be at your service right away. Avail of our reliable services for an amazing relocation experience in JLT, Dubai.

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