Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You must know about the company you’re hiring. Their terms of service, policies, and how they’re going to handle the job.
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Commonly asked questions about the expenditures to setup a budget while choosing any service.

Protection & Insurance

Commonly asked questions about the protection of your stuff when you plan to move.

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Whenever you plan to use any service from a service provider company. You do have questions in your mind about protection and security, pricing, or how the company going is going to handle the job. We’re writing answers for commonly asked questions. If you still have any query in mind you can contact us

It’s not mandatory but it would be beneficial for both parties to use this procedure. If you make an early reservation, we can estimate the time and effort required in advance.
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We’re well-reputable movers and packers in Dubai. We don’t only limit to one city or state company but we provide our services throughout the UAE. Definitely, we own huge trucks and use them to keep your belongings safe. These are the reasons we’re renowned best movers and packers.
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Yes, we always follow a checklist while packing your belongings. We pack them properly and label them. You can read our checklist page and see our how we work page too. We’re a professional packer and always available for shifting in Dubai.
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That totally depends on the service you required and how much cost and effort it needs. For this, we highly recommend you call us and Get a free quotation now. We’ll serve you better.
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Yes, ThefoxMovers policy is very clear. If any of your stuff gets damaged or wrecked we’ll pay you for that. We are professional and highly experienced movers and packers. We guarantee our work.
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